Southwest student-athletes receive NJCAA academic honors

Southwest student-athletes receive NJCAA academic honors

by Michael D. Gunnell

SMCC Sports Information


Thirty-one Southwest student-athletes have received post-season academic honors from the NJCAA.


Those with a GPA of 4.0 were named All-Academic 1st Team; All-Academic 2nd Team honors went to those with a GPA of 3.8-3.99; and, those with a GPA of 3.6-3.79 were given All-Academic 3rd Team honors.


Named NJCAA All-Academic 1st Team were Aaron Ragsdale and Tyler White (baseball); Tootie Rankin and Breanna Zeringue (women's basketball); Joaquin Bermejillo and Ryan Ivey (men's soccer); and, Jade Latham and Madison Newman (softball).


NJCAA All-Academic 2nd Team honorees were Michael Buck, Jace DeLee and Nathan Yennie (baseball); TJ Ben (men's basketball); Maddie Beard, Auset Gibbs, Nevin Holley and Layla Wilson (women's soccer); Carrington Jefcoat (softball); and, Sarah Robinson and Kimberly San (women's tennis).


NJCAA All-Academic 3rd Team recipients were Brendon Baker, Kyle Dillard, Will Ford and Daren Smith (baseball); Jalon Andrews and Deonta Lawler (men's basketball); Nia Henderson (women's basketball); Zarious Keyes (football); Patrick Larsen (men's soccer); Skyler Walker (women's soccer); and, Jordan McNabb and Bailey Sartin (softball).