Holmes Bulldogs 2020: New head coach, same speedy, aggressive offense

Holmes Bulldogs 2020:  New head coach, same speedy, aggressive offense

The Bulldogs promoted Raymond Gross to head coach. He served as Co-offensive coordinator the past two years and was instrumental in the team's success.  Last year, they beat division opponents Northwest and East Mississippi in the same season finishing 4-2 inside the division.  We spoke to Coach Gross about his 2020 Bulldogs.


JUCOWeekly:   What were the determining factors that led you to hire Cob Summers as your offensive coordinator?

Raymond Gross:   He has a love and knowledge for the offense that people do not have, so it was a no brainer for me. He played in the offense and coached in this offense.


JUCOWeekly:   What led you to the decision to promote Le'Marcus Gibson to be you defensive coordinator?

Raymond Gross:   I knew we needed to maintain the defensive style we were playing last year and he had a hunger and a desire to want to be our defensive coordinator. He is a great recruiter, he is intense and he is a young guy that is going to do big things in the business.


JUCOWeekly:   Will the option offensive return?

Raymond Gross:  Without question. It allows us to compete and to win. It gives us a solid opportunity to play a style of football that no one else wants to play.


JUCOWeekly:   How do your running backs look in camp?

Raymond Gross:  Good. We run a lot of people in and out of games. We run a bunch of people at people so we try to stay fresh. We do not have to rely on one guy to tote the ball for the whole game.


JUCOWeekly:   Who will be at quarterback this season?

Raymond Gross:   It is the first time since I have been here that we have two guys with a background in the triple option offense.   That is a good thing for us.  Kyren Batey and Jevon McDonald are the two right now.  Batey played for us last year.  He is out of Arkansas and McDonald comes in from Stockbridge, Georgia.


JUCOWeekly:   How does your offensive line look at this point?

Raymond Gross:   We have a couple of guys returning in Jordan Boatman and Porter Magandy and we have a couple of young guys that will fill in nicely.


JUCOWeekly:   What type of defense will you play?

Raymond Gross:   We will be a 34 front and we will be attacking and aggressive.  Same as last year. We'll stay on that path. We will be a young group. We have some good talent returning in linebackers Edwin Herard and Colin Hunt among others and we have a nice group of guys coming in like Jonathon Johnson and defensive back Brandon Cross who is a transfer from Georgia Southern.


JUCOWeekly:  Who are your wide receivers to watch this season?

Raymond Gross:  We have four solid guys. Zywon Ledbetter, Caleb Lee, Ben Davis, and Buster Griffin. We think these guys will be difference makers.


JUCOWeekly:   How did your recruiting season go?

Raymond Gross:  I think with the circumstances with the corona virus we still did a thorough job.  We got the guys we wanted and needed.  Bottom line, we recruit many guys that other people don't and we use that to our advantage.  We are very specific in our recruiting and in the long run we want the guys that want us. We recruit specifically for a certain type of athlete and a certain type of physical and mental aggressiveness.


JUCOWEEKLY will have more on the BULLDOGS as Holmes training camp starts to finish up



 By:  Mike Frazer